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A business loan, just as you need it

  • Compare business loans from €500 to €10 000 000 €
  • 1 minute to apply; offers on the same day
  • No hidden costs
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An inexpensive and flexible business loan comparison on your own terms

Are you looking for an inexpensive business loan that doesn’t require securities? We think that’s only fair for companies that have managed their business affairs with due care. And that is exactly what we would like to offer to you. Compare business loans through our service.

  • You choose the loan amount and the payment period.
  • The loan period is not set in stone—you can repay your business loan earlier than planned at no additional costs. Just make sure to check the loan contract for this.
  • The cost of a loan is calculated on an individual basis. The better the company’s risk assessment, the lower the cost of the loan.

A business loan comparison at your service

We have one aim above all others: to support companies to improve their operating conditions. We understand entrepreneurs and the corporate world with its many challenges and opportunities.

While the traditional banks and business lenders are primarily concerned with their own needs, we concentrate on our customers. That’s why our loan comparison service is fast and hassle-free. We don’t waste time on unnecessary paperwork and do most things electronically.

Read more about us and our philosophy

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Loan calculator

Choose the business loan amount that you need (€500 to €10 000 000 €) and the payment period (1–48 months) that suits you best.

Business loan amount 21000
Monthly instalment of

This is how easy it is to apply for a business loan

Do you need a business loan now? Applying for a business through our loan comparison service is quick and simple. You’ll get free loan offers that won’t bind you to anything. That means that you can take your time deciding whether to accept an offer or not.

Once you have accepted an offer, things move on pretty quickly. You can get a loan on the same day earliest. At the latest, you’ll have the money on the following business day.

  1. Fill in our loan comparison application and send it to us
  2. You can receive loan offers on the same day
  3. Accept the offer and proceed to sign the loan agreement on the lenders site

Minimum requirements for getting a business loan

We can help only companies whose operating conditions are in order. It is in both the bank’s and our customers’ interest that the minimum requirements for granting the business loan are fulfilled. First of all, the company must be actively in business, and its head office must be located in Finland. Other minimum requirements for getting a business loan are:

  • The company or its guarantor can’t have payment default entries.
  • Loan can be applied for by Finnish companies that are in the trade register and have creditworthiness.
  • The person who applies for a loan, needs to have the authority to sign for the corporation.
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When you apply for a business loan through our comparison service, we’ll ask you to provide the following information

It is easy to apply for a business loan. All we need is your company’s business ID and the information of the person applying. The application must, however, be filled in accurately. This will ensure that we process it as swiftly as possible.

Examples of our customers’ industries

We serve both small and big companies, regardless of their field of activity. Our customers come from a variety of sectors and represent many different company forms. Each customer is equally important to us.

  • companies in the service sector
  • consulting companies
  • beauty salons
  • retail companies
  • healthcare companies

Individual business loans for individual needs

All companies have needs, and we offer solutions to these needs. Each company has a different story and a different situation. Our task is to support our customers through good and bad.

What does your company need?

  • to hire a new employee
  • to pay its bills
  • to acquire new equipment and materials
  • to increase its stocks
  • to enlarge its premises
  • to balance seasonal fluctuations
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Business loan—Frequently Asked Questions

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What kind of a company can get a business loan?

The company’s industry or structure doesn’t really matter. The most important thing is that the company’s head office is located in Finland, and that neither the company nor the person applying for the loan have a record of payment defaults.

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How big a business loan can you get?

The loan amount depends on the company’s risk assessment and its annual turnover. If you wish to know your company’s potential to get a business loan, please apply for a loan. It’s free and you don’t need to accept any offers.

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How soon is the loan granted?

To receive the loan as fast as possible, it’s recommended to have the latest bookkeeping and accounts settlement information on hand, as most lenders need that information when making a decicion. As soon as you’re able to deliver that information, the sooner the loan is transferred. Non secured loans can be acquired faster than secured ones.

CrediNord in a nutshell

  • A solid Finnish loan comparison website
  • Serving SMEs.
  • Loan comparison has no hidden costs

Do you have a question about business loans?

These days Credinord.com only works as a loan comparison service. If you have previously received a loan from CrediNord, please be in contact with Riverty Finland:

Riverty customer service
+358 20 7229 440.

Customer service open mon-thu 8-17 and fri 9-17.

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What are CrediNord’s customers saying?

They kept us up to date on how things work. And everything worked perfectly. I got the offer on the same day, and on the following day the money was in my bank account. So nothing to complain about!