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With CrediNord, you can apply for loans up to €60,000. By filling out a loan application on CrediNord’s service, you can receive loan offers from over 20 banks and financial institutions.

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Loans for Various Situations

Life inevitably brings moments when the need for a loan may arise. We may plan for larger or smaller purchases, where most of us rely at least partially on the power of a loan. Therefore, applying for a loan does not automatically mean buying a new home or car. You can apply for a loan for home renovations or a vacation.

The versatility of a loan allows it to aid in larger purchases as well as add flexibility to everyday finances.

The lender and borrower make an agreement that specifies the loan’s finer terms. In other words, the lender provides credit to the customer, and the borrower commits to repaying the loan amount with interest and fees according to the loan terms.

Loan terms, such as the loan amount, term, monthly installment, interest rate, and other fees, are agreed upon together. Typically, the financier defines these terms and makes an offer, which the borrower can accept or reject. Although the financier’s offer does not obligate one to take out the loan, it provides an opportunity to evaluate and decide on the best option.

Assess Your Financial Capacity Before Applying for a Loan

A loan is always an agreement between two parties. This practically means that the borrower commits to the agreement’s terms. For this reason, you should accurately assess your overall financial situation before applying for a loan. While taking out a loan should not be feared, it should not be sought too lightly and without thorough planning.

Banks always assess each loan applicant according to their own criteria and make a decision based on the customer’s ability to pay. Nevertheless, it is advisable for the borrower to do clear budgeting of their expenses and income and ensure sufficient payment capacity.

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Apply for a Loan Easily and Quickly

Apply for a Loan up to €60,000 Flexibly

Apply for a loan flexibly and quickly from €1,000 to €60,000. The loan can be tailored according to your wishes, allowing you to choose the loan amount and repayment period according to your own needs. The repayment period is flexible, usually ranging from 1 to 20 years.

You decide the purpose of your loan and how much you want to repay it monthly. Whether you need a loan for an unexpected expense or a planned purchase, our service enables direct comparison of loans from financial institutions and banks. The entire process is designed to be easy and quick: one application gets you multiple offers, which you can compare in a few minutes.

Once you have submitted your loan application, you can immediately access the offers you’ve received and choose the most suitable one for you. We facilitate decision-making by arranging the loan offers in order of affordability based on the annual percentage rate. After the loan decision, the money can be in your account in just a few hours.

Remember, receiving offers does not obligate you to anything. You can calmly compare and weigh your options, and if you change your mind, you can always decline the offers. Our goal is to offer you a transparent and effortless way to find the best loan options for your needs.

Apply for a Loan with CrediNord’s Help

You can receive loan offers from over 20 banks and financial institutions.

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Quick loan decision

You can have the loan in your account even on the same business day

Multiple loan offers

You can receive offers from over 20 banks and financial institutions.

Safe service

CrediNord is completely Finnish and a trustworthy service

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A Loan with a Monthly Installment You Can Influence

Our service offers an easy and efficient way to apply for a loan. It’s important to consider the costs of the loan and the size of the monthly installment. Through us, you get individual credit decisions from many banks quickly after sending your application. We compare offers from different banks for you, so you can easily find a loan that suits you.

Your loan repayment will proceed in fixed monthly installments, including all loan costs. You pay the installments directly to the lender. If you wish, you can repay the loan faster with larger installments or in full at once, which reduces costs in the long run.

You can choose a suitable monthly installment by adjusting the loan term in our calculator. A longer loan term means smaller monthly installments but higher interest costs over time. The monthly installment is designed to fit your budget, so you can comfortably pay it even if the month’s finances are tighter.

How Can a Loan Be Repaid?

There are several options for loan repayment, and you can negotiate the most suitable method together with your lender. The three most popular options are annuity loans, fixed installment loans, and equal principal payment loans.

Annuity Loan

In an annuity loan, you pay a fixed amount of the loan principal and costs (interest and other fees) initially. If the reference interest rate changes, your monthly payment amount adjusts accordingly. The repayment period of an annuity loan is constant, but the amount of each installment may vary over the loan term.

Fixed Installment Loan

In a fixed installment loan, the installments remain the same throughout the loan term, regardless of fluctuations in reference interest rates. If the reference interest rate rises, your loan term extends, and conversely, if it falls, your loan term shortens.

Equal Principal Payment Loan

In an equal principal payment loan, you always pay the same amount of the principal. The interest portion of your payment varies with the reference interest rate and the remaining loan principal.

Can Anyone Easily Apply for a Loan?

When you use our service, we have a few conditions that you should meet so that your loan application can be more effectively approved by banks.

You can apply for a loan in our service if you meet these requirements:

you are over 18 years old

you have regular income (wages or pension)

you have an account in a Finnish bank

you live permanently in Finland

you have managed your finances impeccably, and you do not have any payment defaults

all our partners, so it’s possible to receive multiple loan offers. Each bank evaluates loan applicants themselves and may prioritize different aspects in their evaluation. These factors often also affect the overall pricing of the loan.

Banks may value an applicant’s age, employment history, or salary level in their own way, which is why it is advisable to apply for a credit decision from several banks. Our service is greatly beneficial in this process.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Loans

How is the interest on a loan determined?

The total interest on a loan typically consists of two components: the reference interest rate and the interest margin set by the lender for the loan. The most common reference interest rate for loans in the euro area is the Euribor, which can fluctuate according to the money market. The interest margin, however, remains the same throughout the loan period.

What is an appropriate loan term?

A long-term loan might seem appealing due to the small monthly installment, but remember, total costs increase over time. The longer the repayment period, the more interest expenses accumulate since the principal reduces more slowly. Choose a repayment period that balances quick repayment and flexible budgeting to cover unexpected expenses and save for the future without needing additional loans.

How quickly can I receive the loan in my account?

Before receiving the loan, many banks and financial institutions request proof of your income. Make sure during the application phase to report your gross and net income as they appear in your most recent paycheck or pension statement. Variable income can be reported as an average monthly amount. After submitting the loan agreement and proofs, the funds can be transferred to your account on the same day. Loan offers will show which lenders transfer funds quickly and which loans you can receive without attachments.

How quickly is the loan paid into the account?

To get the funds quickly into your company’s account, it’s advisable to look up the most recent accounting runs and financial statements in advance since most lenders will require this information for making a credit decision. The sooner you can provide the financial details related to your company, the quicker the loan will be transferred to your account. Unsecured loans can be received faster, while secured loans may take longer.

Apply for a loan easily – whenever it suits you best

Do you want a loan at a time that’s most convenient for you? Don’t worry, you can submit your loan application anytime, whether it’s in the evening after business hours or during a relaxing weekend. Imagine getting a quick loan decision right after submitting the application, and then you can start comparing offers tailored for you by different banks. Our service makes the comparison as smooth as dancing, as everything is done according to the annual percentage rate, and each cost associated with the loan is presented clearly and understandably.

Once you’ve found a loan from our comparison that sings in harmony with your budget, you can sign the loan agreement flexibly, whenever it suits you best. Whether that’s quickly after receiving the offer or after giving it some more thought.

Need a loan quickly? Our service’s comparison shows which lenders stand out for their ability to transfer loans to your account at lightning speed, even in the evenings or on weekends. Thus, there are options, and you can choose the way that suits your needs to get the loan into your account.

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Borrow Money Safely

When you use our loan comparison service, you can be as assured of your security as if you were borrowing directly from a bank. We’ve carefully built our system to follow the best data security practices. Your information is used only for making a loan offer and not for anything else. It is stored in an encrypted environment, and obtaining a loan always requires strong authentication with your bank identifiers or a mobile certificate.

We cooperate only with trustworthy banks and financial companies. These partners are supervised by the Financial Supervisory Authority, so you can trust their operations. Banks often offer particularly attractive loan terms to users of our service because they compete for your business by offering the best possible loan offers and interest rates.

Your loan offers are presented clearly: interest rates, fees, repayment period, and other key terms are detailed in an understandable way. Offers are clear, without hidden fees or complicated financial terms. This makes comparing loans easy, safe, and free of surprises.

Whether you’re making a large purchase or financing a smaller need, responsible financial management is always important. When you know your income and expenses well, you can apply for and raise a loan with peace of mind.

Apply for an Unsecured Loan

A familiar loan type to many is the secured loan, where you have to tie some of your assets as collateral. Another option is to use personal guarantees, where, for example, one of your relatives guarantees the repayment of your loan with their own assets.

Our participating banks also offer loans without collateral or guarantors. This means you can often get an unsecured loan faster than a secured one, typically right after the application.

When you apply for an unsecured loan, the bank makes a lending decision based on your repayment capacity. You don’t need to provide estimates of the value of your home, investments, or savings. Nor do you need to ask your family or relatives to guarantee your loan. The bank transfers the funds directly to you, trusting you to repay the loan as agreed.

If you need a smaller loan amount quickly, an unsecured loan is an excellent choice. You can get up to €60,000 in unsecured loans. Many banks and financial institutions offer unsecured loans, giving you the opportunity to compare and compete for loans to find the best price before making a loan agreement.

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